Face Mill Offers Inventory Reduction


Walter has introduced the M4003, a new face milling cutter with a 45-deg. approach angle. As part of the M4000 milling program, the M4003 can utilize the same system insert that is also used in the other six styles of milling tools in the M4000 family. This multi-faceted insert design ensures a high level of production and cost efficiency as well as reducing inventory costs due to its versatility.


While the system insert offers a reduction of inventory, the M4003 is also able to provide a reduction of machining steps by utilizing dedicated inserts for the M4003. When the surface finish is most critical, a specific wiper insert is also available. The design of the inserts allows for low power requirement thanks to positive geometries. Diameter ranges of 3/4-6 in. (20-160 mm) are available with Cylindrical Shank and shell mill mount. There are two insert sizes in the program: SD 09T3 and SD 1204, with a depth of cut up to 3/16 or ¼ in. (4.5/6.5 mm).

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