Factory Floor Insight Solution


Ashton Potter, a leading provider of high security printing and advanced technology for the world’s governments and manufacturers, has enhanced its ProLinc® solution to capture critical factory floor insights for automated manufacturers. ProLinc®’s newly released sensing module integrates with machinery throughout the automated manufacturing environment to make relevant data accessible and actionable, and enable true Industry 4.0 insight.


With the latest release of ProLinc®, automated manufacturers can correlate product and equipment data throughout the manufacturing process in order to optimize operations, minimize downtime, and maximize quality. ProLinc® leverages data collected via advanced sensing modules to gain a holistic view of system productivity and conditions, empowering manufacturers to prevent production delays, detect anomalies, identify quality pitfalls, and pinpoint opportunities for greater optimization and efficiency. This insight is housed in a secure, Blockchain-enabled database, where is can be accessed by approved stakeholders in real time.


As the missing link between the ERP and the MES, ProLinc® delivers the essential product-level data existing systems lack. Further still, it integrates seamlessly into the factory’s other enterprise systems, leveraging Ashton Potter’s network of Gold Integration Partners to minimize costs and maximize time to value.

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