FactoryTalk Remote Access Solution


2022 NED Innovation Award Finalist

A remote access solution packages together everything OEMs need to remotely access and support equipment. The solution includes FactoryTalk Remote Access cloud-based software, which allows OEMs to manage, configure and initiate secure connections to a customer’s equipment, and a Stratix 4300 remote access router installed at the customer’s site.


The solution has robust security including multi-factor authentication and encrypted protocols. A digital input gives on-site staff control of connections, so they’re only made when enabled locally. To ease deployment, the solution requires no changes to an existing architecture so long as an Ethernet port is available. The remote access solution can position OEMs to meet current and future remote support needs. The router supports today’s data requirements, and all-gigabit ports make it ready for newer, more bandwidth-heavy remote support capabilities as needed.


The solution is ideal for OEMs that want to support remote and hard-to-reach operations, like those found in oil and gas and mining, metals, and cement industries. The solution can also ease support in industries like CPG, where OEMs today may need to travel long distances to support equipment. Additionally, OEMs can use the solution to reimagine how they support customers, such as with virtual commissioning and remote firmware management.

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