Fast Part Turnaround And Tight Control Of Finishing Costs Are Benefits Of The New Birchwood Casey BC40 TRU TEMP® Finishing Line


Reduced part finishing time from days to just minutes while improving finish part quality are benefits of Birchwood Casey’s new BC40 TRU TEMP® finishing system. Utilizing a seven tank process line and a patented two-step chemistry, this BC40 system produces a true black magnetite finish of .000020 inch thickness, satin black in appearance and equal to that of conventional hot black oxide. The TRU TEMP process produces high quality black finishes on iron and steel components in just 25 minutes. Important process differences make the new Birchwood Casey BC40 system a major improvement over hot oxide. The BC40 TRU TEMP system operates at just 200 degrees compared to dangerous hot oxides that normally operate at 290 degrees. The severe splattering and boil over hazards are not present. The TRU TEMP process contains no EPA regulated chemicals. Therefore, there is no need for waste treatment equipment. In most sewer districts, the rinse waters are considered to be sewerable as non-hazardous effluent. As a result, the initial capital investment is usually half that of other blackening process systems. The BC40 TRU TEMP system is pre-engineered, sets up quickly, and operates easily. It utilizes seven individual tanks, each measuring 16 x 24 x 24 inches deep, and occupies a footprint of just 3 feet x 15 feet. Tanks are ruggedly constructed of either 10 gauge welded steel (epoxy painted) or 1/2” welded polypropylene, and are supplied with all needed heaters and plumbing connections. A detailed owner’s manual guides the user through assembly, charging with chemicals, startup, testing and troubleshooting – all with technical support from Birchwood Casey. The process is ideal for virtually all dimensionally critical parts including power drive components, gears and machine parts. Also important, the BC40 TRU TEMP process meets military specification MIL-C-13924C Class 1. “At a time when manufacturers require complete control of quality, scheduling and finishing costs, the BC40 TRU TEMP in-house system is the answer,” reports Mark Ruhland, vice president of Birchwood Casey. “By eliminating the 3 day to 5 day turnaround time required when parts are sent outside for black oxide, the BC40 lets manufacturers really take control of the finishing process. Finish quality is high and the cost savings are huge.”
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