Fast Steering Mirrors Improve Performance of Imaging Systems and Optics


Fast Steering Mirrors Improve Performance of Imaging Systems and Optics

Nanopositioning specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) offers a variety of piezo-driven, high-speed steering mirrors for use in image / beam stabilization, resolution enhancement, scanning and tracking applications. The latest designs provide multi-axis motion with high bandwidth, sub-microradian resolution and optical deflection ranges up to 100 mrad.

The steering-mirror systems were designed to improve the performance of optics and imaging systems in a variety of applications ranging from lithography to bio-medical instrumentation.

Single-Pivot-Point Design for Improved Linearity, Dynamics
PI steering mirrors are based on a parallel-kinematics design with a single moving platform and coplanar rotational axes, for jitter-free, multi-axis motion. In addition, the single-pivot-point design provides better linearity and avoids the drawback of polarization rotation, common with galvo scanners, where two single axis systems need to be stacked to provide XY motion.

Compared to stacked, multi-axis systems, the parallel-kinematics design provides faster response and better linearity with equal dynamics for all axes in a smaller package.

Flexure Guided, Driven by Solid-State Actuators for Faster Response
The flexure-guided, piezo-driven platforms can provide higher accelerations than voice coil actuators, enabling step response times in the sub-millisecond range.

Closed-Loop, Absolute Position Sensors
Multiple integrated, absolute measuring position sensors feed the platform position information back to a piezo controller for enhanced linearity and stability.

A variety of analog and digital controllers in bench-top, OEM-board, and rack-mount designs are available to drive the units.


• Active axes - X, Y • Integrated sensor – SGS • Open-loop tip/tilt angle, -20 to +120 V - 3.5 • Closed-loop tip/tilt angle – 2 • Open-loop tip/tilt angle resolution - 0.02 • Closed-loop tip/tilt resolution - 0.05 • Linearity in X, Y - 0.1 • Repeatability X, Y - 0.15 • Unloaded resonant frequency (X, Y) - 3.7 • Platform moment of inertia – 1530
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