Fast, Ultra-Small, Highly-Stable Digital Infrared Temperature Sensor


KEYENCE introduces the new FT Series digital infrared sensors for easy non-contact detection of surface temperature.

A broad IR spectrum and wide temperature sensing range from 32 to 2462ºF (0 to 1350ºC) enable the FT to be used for a variety of applications. The ability to measure IR from distances of up to 3000 mm (roughly 10 feet) means the sensor head can be mounted far away from harsh environments. An optional air purge enclosure will eliminate dust buildup, increasing sensor stability and decreasing process downtime. The ergonomically designed amplifiers can be panel mounted for easy temperature viewing and setup, or cabinet mounted on a DIN rail.

A high-speed response of 10 ms makes the FT the fastest in its class. Combined with an incredibly fine 1.5 mm field of view, the FT-H10 sensor is perfect for thin, fast moving targets including heat seals, hot melts, heat-treated or hot formed parts. Two visible laser pointers clearly indicate the sensor’s field of view, further simplifying installation. 

The FT sensors offer multiple functions that expand the scope of applications. The analog output (4 mA to 20 mA) can be easily scaled to a user-defined range. Up to four sets of discrete upper and lower-limit outputs and emissivities can be stored to simplify product changeover.

The Display Hold function will maintain the maximum temperature reading between output signals. Users can confirm the surface temperature of moving targets long after they’ve passed the sensor’s field of view. Troubleshooting no longer requires slowing or stopping a moving line.

Unnecessary temperature readings like that of the conveyor or background oven can be ignored with the Timing function. Connecting the signal from any presence sensing device to the Timing input ensures an output signal only when the desired target is present. This will also save one PLC input and a few lines of logic. 

Despite the advanced functionality of the FT series, KEYENCE has maintained the simple, one-touch functionality found on many of its photoelectric switch products. That means for most applications, the FT is ready to go right out of the box. 


• 10-ms High-speed Response (Fastest in its class) • 20% Smaller Size (Smallest in its class) • High Temperature Model 32 to 2462°F (0 to 1350°C) • Mid to Low Temperature Model 32 to 932°F (0 to 500°C)
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