Fastener-Installation Press System


The PEMSERTER® Series 3000™ automatic fastener-installation press system introduces “green” technology by performing without hydraulics to install all types of self-clinching fasteners rapidly, accurately, and permanently in thin-metal sheets.  The heart of this environmentally friendly press is a custom-built, full servo controlled, electro-mechanical actuator delivering measurable efficiencies and economies compared with conventional technologies. The Series 3000 press system additionally is sealed and lubricated for life to eliminate environmental issues and minimize maintenance and associated costs.

 Among key press features, the dual axis actuator allows for ram speed optimization, high pressing forces, and dramatically reduced energy usage; a proprietary clutch system provides smooth, energy-efficient transition between servo axes; roller screw technology enables the press to carry larger loads at higher speeds; and regenerative/dynamic braking captures inertial energy and applies it to deceleration for a reduction in external energy requirements.

The Series 3000 press is engineered for user-friendly operation.  After initial PC setup, all run logic is maintained in solid-state servo controller memory, which consumes less power than conventional systems.  Multiple types of self-clinching fasteners can be installed automatically without any need for tooling changeovers.

The Series 3000 press is designed with a 24”/61cm throat depth, runs at unprecedented cycle rates, can realize a ram force up to 16,000 lbs./71.2kN, and can be operated remotely through networking.  The press is CE certified to comply with applicable European standards.


  • performs without hydraulics
  • sealed and lubricated for life
  • multiple types of self-clinching fasteners can be installed
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