Fasteners for PCB Applications


PEM fasteners enable secure and reliable attachment for a wide range of printed circuit board applications. Depending on type and style, they can satisfy component-to-board, board-to-board, board-to-chassis, or stacking or spacing attachment challenges.


PEM ReelFast® surface mount fasteners include threaded or unthreaded nuts and standoffs, captive panel screws (spring-loaded or standard), and R’ANGLE® types uniquely providing strong re-usable threads at right angles to boards.


PEM broaching fasteners include threaded nuts, threaded or unthreaded standoffs, panel fastener assemblies, threaded studs, and SNAP-TOP® standoffs with a spring action to hold boards securely without screws or threaded hardware. 


PEM broach/flare-mount standoffs for stacking or spacing applications integrate a combined broach/flare feature promoting even greater pullout performance upon installation in board materials.


The board-oriented product line has further expanded with PEM SpotFast® clinch/broach fasteners ideally suiting applications where metal must be joined to boards or plastic panels.


Depending on type and style, these fasteners can satisfy:

  • component-to-board
  • board-to-board
  • board-to-chassis
  • stacking or spacing attachment challenges
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