Faster Clean-up with Sweep Action Grapples


Sweep Action Grapples gains two additions to the family: SATG (Sweep Action Tine Grapple) and SASB (Sweep Action Solid Bottom Construction Grapple).  Featuring a patent-pending grapple design, these grapples reduce clean-up time and effort.  The design works by moving material into the bucket and retaining it when the cylinder overcomes the spring pressure, which then causes the front rake to rotate towards the bucket in a sweeping motion. 


The SATG has an open tine bottom with its sweep-in grapples, which makes it ideal for handling site demolition debris, rocks, brush, wood, and metal.


The SASB is also equipped with the sweep-in grabbles , but features a scrap yard tested, solid bottom low profile bucket.  The bucket is made of abrasion resistant steel with 3.5-in. by 4-in. reinforcing wear strips for longer bucket life.


Three model sizes are available; 72-in., 78-in., and 84-in.



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