FC80 Free Chlorine Analyzer


The digital plug-n-play, highly intelligent FC80 Free Chlorine Analyzer is ideal for municipal water techs and engineers concerned about productivity and expensive maintenance. The FC80’s advanced panel mount design includes built-in flow control, eliminating the need for complicated pressure regulators and rotometers.  Built-in automatic pH compensation with ECD’s highly intelligent S80 pH Sensor eliminates the need for expensive reagents to reduce time-consuming maintenance and high analyzer sensor life-cycle costs.


Highly accurate and reliable, the dependable FC80 Analyzer monitors free chlorine in drinking water from 0.05 to 20 ppm chlorine as the standard range or 0.01 to 5.00 ppm with the low range sensor. The FC80 is compliant with EPA method 334.0 for measuring drinking water.  It also supports industrial applications: rinse water, cooling water or other fresh water sampling.


Everything needed comes with the FC80’s complete panel mount design kit, incorporating a constant head flow control device, the S80 pH sensor, the FC80 chlorine sensor, and ECD’s T80 analyzer/transmitter. Connect the sample and drain lines, connect the power and outputs, and it is ready to use. Calibration is accomplished by DPD comparison.


  • Pre-wired assembly
  • Assembled flow tubing
  • Flow control
  • pH compensation eliminates added chemicals
  • Amperometric Chlorine Sensor precision
  • Up to one year without sensor electrolyte replacement
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