Featherweight Industrial Fan


The ECO line offers high-volume, low-speed fans that are the most lightweight and economical industrial fans in the market. And with blades ranging in diameter from 8 to 24 ft, spaces like auto shops, fitness centers, and warehouses can experience controlled temperatures — at a cost that blows the competition away. Simply put, the ECO does more with less.


ECO utilizes a custom direct drive motor specifically designed for the industrial fan market and blades designed by aerospace engineers. The ECO line offers a full range of control options, including our standard 1:1 analog control and our networkable touchscreen controls with the flexibility to manage up to 30 fans. Plug-and-play technology and lightweight components make the ECO quick and easy to install, meaning your fan will be up and cooling your facility in no time.


The fans use an innovative direct-drive motor, the heart and soul of these industrial fans. Way, way lighter. Jaw-droppingly efficient. More powerful than any other industrial ceiling fans out there. And very affordable (think lower install, operation, and maintenance costs).

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