Cannon’s Feedwater Heaters maximize exhaust stack heat recovery by recycling waste heat through a single-stage, two-stage, condensing economizer, or on-demand system. These can significantly increase operating efficiency up to 90% and lower overall fuel requirements and energy costs. By burning less fuel, this also results in reduced emissions and contributing to a cleaner environment.
Cannon Feedwater Heaters have an additional feature of being able to heat low-temperature make-up or process water as well as deaerated feedwater. The greater the input temperature difference, the higher the heat recovery.
Designed and standardized to be a cost-competitive system, Cannon Feedwater Heaters can be made entirely of stainless steel, and can be vertically or horizontally installed, with a minimal amount of modification, as a retrofit on existing high-pressure steam boilers in a range of sizes.
Cannon Feedwater Heaters are also repairable - not disposable. Unlike coiled units where the loss of a coiled tube means the loss of the unit, Cannon Feedwater Heaters contain a series of individual tubes, each one easily replaceable. Since Cannon manufactures its own finned tubing, customers can be assured of strict in-house quality control measures. By brazing helical-wound fin to the tube, Cannon produces a void-free, smooth profile without violating the tube.
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