Fever Alert Thermal Imaging System


Wahl Instruments, Inc. introduces its newest thermal imaging product, the HSI4000M Fever Alert System, designed specifically for detecting fever.  The Wahl HSI4000M Fever Alert system screens groups of people and identifies those individuals with elevated body temperatures – a potential indication of the fever associated with many communicable diseases, including the Ebola virus.Using the Wahl HSI4000M Fever Alert System, a trained operator can distinguish any individuals in a group with skin temperatures higher than a pre-set point.  Set audible and/or visible alarms to signal the operator when a pre-set temperature is exceeded.   The indicated individuals can then undergo further medical screening to determine the presence of fever and the potential cause.  Non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology allows the operator to remain at a safe distance of between 10 and 32 feet from subjects while screening multiple individuals.

Both thermal and visible video cameras are contained within one aluminum housing for comparable viewing angles, and for easy installation.  Both thermal and/or visible live video feeds can be set to display in the desired mode; temperature alarms are displayed in both views.  Fever Alert software for Windows 7 features Hot Spot Tracking (included).  Software indicates up to seven individuals within the frame that have skin temperatures higher than the pre-set alarm point.  The alarm is indicated on the screen as a blinking cursor, pointing to and following the individual in real time, for easy identification as they move through the screen. Use Fever Alert software to adjust emissivity, distance, humidity, and other environmental factors.

The HSI4000M Fever Alert System thermal imaging camera can be installed in a variety of locations for convenient and unobtrusive monitoring. Package includes blackbody temperature reference source for calibration verification for the best possible accuracy.  The Wahl HSI4000M Fever Alert System includes 384 x 288 thermal imaging camera and digital camera in protective housing, Windows 7 Desktop computer with all necessary video cards pre-configured and ready for use, power cords, video cables, 20” wide LCD monitor, Black Body Calibration Source and Wahl Fever Alert Software with Hot Spot Tracking, and is available from Wahl Instruments, Inc. and its network of international distributors.


  • screens groups of people
  • identifies those individuals with elevated body temperatures

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