Fiber Laser Delivers Ultra-Fast Precision at Lower Operating Costs


ID Technology, a division of Pro Mach and a leading provider of labeling, coding and marking solutions, have announced the availability of the F-Series Fiber laser, available in 10 and 20 watt power.  The combination of YAG technology with fiber optics has produced a smaller, more versatile, easy to operate, and longer-lasting system that delivers ultra-fast precision marking at lower operating costs.
Cutting edge Fiber optic technology enables high-speed precision printing on most new production materials and can imprint bar codes, precision logos and technical drawings.  The Fiber laser can mark on a wide range of materials from flexible foil and plastics to metal.  As a result of years of experience in super-high speed applications and advanced software, the Fiber laser is capable of static or dynamic “on the fly” marking.  The Diode-pumped YAG fiber tube requires no maintenance and no consumables. The Fiber laser operates with a handheld terminal, touchscreen or PC.

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