Fiber-Optic Amplifier for Space-Confined Locations


E3X-HD fiber-optic amplifier is suited to ultra-stable presence/absence and inspection applications in space-confined sensing locations. With one-button smart tuning for sensor threshold and light intensity, it is exceedingly easy to operate.

Also, up to 30 units can be gang mounted to build a sensor input block that communicates over EtherCAT and CompoNet networks. The increased power efficiency of its GIGA RAY II and improved circuit design reduce power consumption by 25% vs. conventional models.


•    Fingertip smart tuning for sensor threshold and light intensity
•    Simple setting of optimum power and threshold
•    Dual digital display for easy confirmation of settings and status
•    Automatic compensation for deteriorating conditions, large and low-reflectance dark targets
•    Incident level and threshold level to 9999
•    EtherCAT and CompoNet high-speed open network communication interfaces
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