Fiberglass Shelters


Prefabricated Fiberglass Shelters are designed to house and protect mechanical and electrical controls, process equipment, chemicals, and workers …  in a variety of industries. “With the launch of our new shelters, we are excited to continue offering our customers a wide variety of solutions for their operational needs,” says Darren Simmie, Senior Product Manager at Orenco Systems, Inc. “These super-strong, insulated shelters are built to withstand the most hazardous weather conditions, offering reliable protection for any contents or personnel inside.” Standard sizes are 8 feet tall, 4-to-16-feet wide, and up to 42 feet long. Custom widths and heights are available. 

Shelters are made of foam-core fiberglass walls, closed-molded to ensure a watertight, seamless bond. Then a UV-stable gelcoat — for protection from continuous, outdoor exposure and corrosion — is applied. Each structure is built to handle up to 100 psf on its roof and, when properly anchored, can resist winds up to 130 mph. Standard walls and ceilings range from 2-to-4 inches thick and have an insulation value that ranges from R12 - R24. Despite their rugged, durable construction, the shelters are lightweight, making them easily transportable and manageable. The units are delivered fully assembled with painted steel or fiberglass doors and are ready to connect to electricity and other utilities. A versatile wall strut system makes it easy to mount equipment on virtually any wall.


  • foam-core fiberglass walls
  • 8 feet tall
  • 4-to-16-feet wide
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