Fill Void Dispensing System


Ranpak’s latest packaging innovation is PullPak™, a convenient, patented void-fill dispensing solution that offers customers big benefits in a small box. PullPak features 1,000 feet of conveniently perforated, easy-tear fanfolded kraft paper in a lightweight box. In a small space, PullPak offers a cost savings of more than 50 percent when compared to loosefill and bubble materials, based on an independent price-per-cubic-foot comparison. As for space, PullPak fits almost anywhere, on a packstation, at a retail counter or on a mobile cart as well as in a mailroom for convenient packing, wrapping or storage applications. In addition, PullPak includes a forming funnel to create the PaperStar™ shape Ranpak is known for, helping customers achieve the best volume in packaging designs.

PullPak saves time and minimizes waste, while optimizing performance throughout the entire packaging life cycle. Ranpak’s paper products deliver numerous benefits:
•    Ranpak’s void fill paper is made with up to 100-percent recycled fiber.
•    Most of the virgin pulp material used in Ranpak’s paper is derived from sawmill residuals, which are leftover wood chips after the dimensional lumber is cut from a log. These are domestic trees, primarily pine and fir, harvested, then replanted for the lumber and building material industry.  
•    Ranpak paper is 100-percent recyclable and biodegradable.
•    Ranpak paper can be easily recycled along with used corrugated boxes, newspapers or other paper waste.


  • easy-tear fanfolded kraft paper
  • 100-percent recycled fiber
  • easily recycled
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