Film for Contact Surface Pressure Measurement


Sensor Products Inc. is pleased to announce it is offering Fuji Prescale® pressure film. For more than 20 years Sensor Products Inc. has been a leader in the field of tactile pressure and force measurement. Sensor Product’s films reveal pressures from 2 - 43,200 PSI (0.14 - 3,000 kg/cm2).

Sensor Products distributes Fuji Prescale®, a Mylar tactile pressure indicating sensor film that instantly reveals surface pressure magnitude and distribution between contacting or impacting surfaces. When placed between the surfaces, it permanently changes color directly proportional to the amount of pressure applied.  

Prescale® shows precisely how surfaces engage and deform under stress.  Pressure variations, which can result in costly defects, are shown by the pattern of calibrated pressure left on the film which can be compared to a color calibration chart. While no instrumentation is required, Sensor Products Inc. also provides imaging services and pressure analysis systems that convert the impressions into color-coded pressure images and graphs.

The image shows how pressure variations affect a gasket.  Areas that are broken or contain color differentiation fall below the threshold that keeps the gasket’s pressure uniform.  Additional testing with the sensor film will verify that uniformity has been achieved.  Adjusting pressure with Fuji Prescale® is easy.  The film is placed between two contacting surfaces and pressure is applied.  It is then removed and can be immediately reviewed for proper pressure.  Following testing, the control can be archived for future comparisons.

“Pressure across an interface can’t be adequately measured with traditional load cells or built-in controls which measure force, but do not measure the pressure at every point across the contact surface,” says Jeffrey Stark, President of Sensor Products Inc. “This capability makes Fuji Prescale® a crucial tool for calibrating equipment that depend on contact surface pressure.”
Virtually any two contacting surfaces can be captured by the film. Prescale® is thin and flexible, allowing it to conform to both curved and straight surfaces.  It may be hand or laser cut to fit unusual shapes and dimensions.  It is ideal for invasive and intolerant environments not accessible to conventional transducers. The film confirms FEA predictions and has widespread applicability in research, design and test; assembly and production; and quality control and maintenance.

Common applications include measuring the interface pressure of gaskets, clamps, bolted joints, heat sealing elements, nipped rolls, lamination presses, composite layups, welding heads, LCD panels, wafer polishing and bonding, and heat sinks.  Free samples are offered.


  • instantly reveals surface pressure
  • permanently changes color
  • shows precisely how surfaces engage and deform under stress
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