Filter Plenum Dust Collectors Control Light Dust Loads Economically


Filter plenum dust collectors from process equipment
manufacturer Precision AirConvey (PAC), Newark, Del.
( control light dust loads at a very low
initial cost relative to more elaborate dust collection systems such
as wet collectors and baghouses. Ideal for plastic film and sheet
processors, paper and film converters and others where economy is
paramount, the filter plenums effectively control non-hazardous dust
particles to support a hygienic operation, safeguard employees and
inhibit dust accumulation in extruders, presses, slitters and other
sensitive machinery and equipment.

To promote peak performance, the PAC filter plenums feature a
designed-in magnehelic gauge that monitors pressure levels across the
filter media and helps workers determine when dust collector
maintenance and cleaning are required to restore optimum operating
conditions. To extend the uptime between shutdowns for maintenance,
the filter plenums are available with an optional variable frequency
drive that overcomes the back pressure as filter caking increases. In
addition, an optional collection drum is available for placement
under the filter plenums to permit workers to manually remove dust as
it accumulates to further extend the time required between shutdowns.

The PAC filter plenums include mounting lugs for secure hanging from
the ceiling. Specification guidance and installation are also included.
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