Finished Concrete Systems


Tennant Company is teaming up with Diamabrush LLC, a manufacturer of concrete polishing and finishing solutions, to offer three unique concrete floor systems, including Polished Concrete, Easy-Prep, and Aggressive Scrub. These systems will provide smoother, shinier, brighter concrete floors that improve light reflectivity and enhance the image of a customer’s facility while making the concrete floor easier to clean and maintain.

Tennant’s Finished Concrete Systems are designed for customers wanting to beautify their facilities without the cost and time-consuming processes offered by competitive products. The combination of Tennant scrubbers and Diamabrush tools results in three distinct concrete processes. By using the Polished Concrete process, concrete surfaces can be honed to a progressively smoother, shinier and brighter finish using a series of diamond grit tools. With Easy-Prep, abrasive diamond grit tools can quickly and easily prepare concrete floors for renewed life with Tennant floor coatings. Aggressive Scrub allows the tools to remove heavy to severe soil that is compacted into the concrete surface and that cannot be easily cleaned with standard brushes and detergent.
“With Tennant’s Finished Concrete Systems, Tennant Company is able to offer new and existing customers entirely new cleaning solutions that easily integrate into and complement our existing fleet of scrubbers and scrubber-sweepers,” said Rusty Zay, vice president of Global Marketing with Tennant Company. “We’ve created a strong floor finishing combination that uses our high quality scrubbers equipped with diamond grit polishing tools to give our customers innovative options for maintaining their concrete floors.”
The systems are unique in the industry because performance is driven by Tennant scrubbers providing the correct down pressure and the Diamabrush tools’ ability to retain sharp edges and keep constant contact with the floor. The combination of Tennant scrubbers and Diamabrush diamond-impregnated tools provides solid solutions for maintaining concrete floors in retail, industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities.

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