IMPCO introduces Polyflex FR, the first true fire-resistant impregnation resin available for sealing electronic connectors, wires, and wiring assemblies against corrosion. The need to prevent corrosion while maintaining fire resistance is especially important for aerospace, marine, automotive and other critical electrical circuitry. A traditional solution has been to impregnate components with thermoset resins. Unfortunately, most impregnation sealants ignite when exposed to fire, allowing flame-resistant wiring or connectors to burn after being impregnated. Now, with Polyflex FR, electrical components can be protected from corrosion by the impregnation process and remain fire-resistant. Polyflex FR is truly unique. Benefiting from IMPCO’s 55 years of impregnation product development, Polyflex FR has all the advantages of impregnation resins, such as safety and water-wash capability. With a standard impregnation process, it creates a permanent flame-retardant barrier that can prevent corrosion-associated failures by uniformly filling all gaps and pores in electronic connectors and associated wiring. Cured by heat at temperatures below thresholds of sensitive components, the resin is irreversibly cross-linked and will not reliquify, melt, or burn. Polyflex FR is an economical solution for all connectors in critical applications requiring protection from moisture and corrosion, while remaining fire resistant. Further benefits of Polyflex FR are that it is not a VOC, thus does not require any special ventilation or special handling during use, and it is not an epoxy so it has an infinite pot life when properly stored. A UV-activated colorant makes it easy to identify impregnated components. Its unique chemistry provides flexibility and heat resistance, making it ideal for use in applications under the harshest conditions with prolonged exposure to thermo cycling and vibration such as environments in close proximity to internal combustion engines.

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