Fire Supressant Shipping Wrap


Thermo Shield, a paper-based, fire-resistant shipping wrap, is designed to prevent catastrophes caused by battery explosions during transport. Using a technology that actively and automatically cools the internal environment of a corrugated container, the paper-based, 100% recyclable protective logistics product prevents damage to the outside shipping container, suppresses fumes or gasses from escaping, and limits external oxygen supply.


Thermo Shield comprises a lightweight pleated material with a non-toxic moisture vapor application that ensures the safety of lithium-ion products in transport. The solution can suppress thermal runaway and propagation at temperatures up to 800°C, and restrict the temperature outside the wrap itself to 80°C.


Thermo Shield exceeds the proposed SAE G27 lithium battery packaging performance standards for safety in shipping via air, land, and sea. The shipper also is lightweight and reusable, lending to cost efficiency both at initial purchase and during use.


According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a lithium battery explosion occurs during shipping once every 10 days. The urgent industry needs to mitigate these dangerous mishaps makes Thermo Shield a potentially revolutionary solution, one capable of drastically limiting the amount of thermal runaway to protect both logistics personnel and valuable cargo.

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