First Aid Training Video/DVD


First Aid: React & Respond, available in Video and DVD formats and English and Spanish languages, addresses what every worker needs to know in the event of an incident where medical attention may be necessary.  Using real life scenarios, on-site footage, and high-end animation to show body mechanics, this step-by-step training program from Summit Training Source is perfect for any work environment in any industry.  
Every year, over 10,000 people die on the job, and almost 2 million more experience disabling injuries.  A proactive response to an emergency situation may be the difference between life and death for an employee or co-worker.  
This program covers:
Assessing the Scene
Handling a Medical Emergency
Airway Management
Circulation & CPR
First Aid: React & Respond is available for free, no-obligation previews by calling 800.842.0466
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