First Digital Native CNC: SINUMERIK ONE


With SINUMERIK ONE, the first digital native CNC, Siemens is driving forward digital transformation in the machine tool industry. The controller works with software to create the machine controller and the associated digital twin from one engineering system and thus contributes to the seamless integration of hardware and software. Thanks to its seamless interaction between the virtual and the real world, including high-performance hardware, it's setting new standards in terms of productivity, performance, and digitalization.


Machine tool builders can virtually map their entire development processes reducing the product development phase and time-to-market for new machines. The virtual preparation of machine commissioning can also reduce the duration of actual commissioning considerably. The virtual model of the machine opens new possibilities for builders and users alike. Machine concepts and functions can be discussed and planned even before real hardware is available.


The realistic simulation enables CNC machine users to simulate the programming of workpieces and the setup and operation of machine tools completely on the PC. Even training can be carried out using the digital twin instead of training on the actual machine. The CNC system with integrated Simatic S7-1500F PLC is available in both a control cabinet-based and panel-based version.


With Create MyVirtual Machine and Run MyVirtual Machine, the new CNC comes with software to create the machine controller and its digital twin from one engineering system. As a result, the universal digital concept of the digital twin, powerful hardware, and integrated IT security make SINUMERIK ONE a forward-looking CNC, which is driving digital transformation in the machine tool industry.

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