First-Ever UL-Certified Flame-Retardant Material for 3D Printing


Novamid AM1030 FR, the first UL Blue Card-certified filament for open systems, enables new applications in the automotive and electronics sectors, amongst others.


The UL Blue Card-certified flame-retardant material, Novamid AM1030 FR presents an attractive solution for manufacturers looking for an easy-to-use, flame-retardant material to run in their open system. The material is certified as V0 at 1.6 and 3.2 mm, and as V2 at 0.85 mm. Building upon the strengths of DSM’s Novamid technology, the PA6/66 material offers manufacturers a high-performance solution for applications in industries such as automotive and electronics.


The material was tested in a UL-certified lab with a part built on an S5 printer of DSM’s partner Ultimaker. The UL Blue Card certifies the combination of material and printer. However, as the flame retardant Novamid AM1030 FR is an open-systems material, any and all manufacturers with access to an open-platform, fused filament fabrication system are able to work with the new material.


Novamid AM1030 FR is a non-halogenated material, making it a logical choice for manufacturers looking for environmentally friendly, high-performance materials.

Novamid AM1030 FR is available through Ultimaker Cura, a free 3D-printing software.



  • Automotive connectors
  • Electric and electronic connectors and enclosures
  • Lighting enclosures
 DryUnitTest Method
Tensile Modulus3500 / -MPaISO 527-1/-2
Yield Stress57 / -
Yield Strain2,8 / -%
Stress at Break50 / -MPa
Strain at Break7 / - %
Charpy Impact Strength (+23°C)29,7 / -kJ/m²ISO 179/1eU
Charpy Notched Impact Strength (+23°C)3 / -ISO 179/1eA
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