First-Ever Window-Mounted, Standing Desk


DeskView has endeavored to create an additional innovation in the industry by creating the first window-mounted, adjustable standing desk; a standing desk that takes up minimal space while adding functionality and elegance to any room.


DeskView can be easily installed in just 5 seconds thanks to their quick-connect system. The products come in a variety of finishes including wood and white, and the stylish clear top option.


DeskView can be easily adjusted for height and is compact enough to fit virtually any space. And thanks to their aerospace grade components, DeskView is rated to hold over 40 lb. for extended periods of time. But the biggest innovation brought about by the DeskView window desk is the ability to attach it to windows, creating a unique workspace design.


Standing desks like those from DeskView have a variety of benefits for overall health. Standing burns about 50 more calories than sitting, and can lower a person’s risk for diabetes and heart disease. Standing desks also help improve posture and have been shown to increase mood and productivity in many cases. The DeskView window desk gives users the ability to take their desk with them and set up their workspace wherever they go. 



  • DeskView securely mounts to glass and other smooth, non-porous surfaces, providing an innovative workspace.
  • Available in Baller (Clear), Minimalist (White), and Natural (Wood).
  • Desk Surface Dimensions: 12 x 25 in.
  • Max. Recommended Load Capacity: Up to 40 lb. (tested on modern commercial/high-rise windows)
  • *Includes Bubble Level
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