First Responder Awareness Level


Any employee that works at a site where hazardous substances are in use must know the proper procedures in the event of a hazardous substance release. The First Responder- Awareness Level employee is the likely person to first discover a hazardous substance release. It is critical that any employee understands what procedures to follow in the event of a release, including recognizing the need for additional resources, securing the area, and making the appropriate communications. This relevant online training presentation will teach any workforce: An overview of the goal and responsibilities of an Awareness Level First Responder An overview of chemical labeling and chemical hazards Proper handling of hazardous waste Proper procedures for a hazardous substance release Machine Guard Awareness – Online Summit’s latest training program Machine Guard Awareness is now available in an online format, in addition to our current Video/DVD format. Summit’s Machine Guard Awareness online course includes an informative personal interview by a worker who was injured performing a process he had completed countless times. This course covers: Potential hazards associated with machines Understand the role of machine guard and their functions Follow safe work practices when dealing with machines A.U.T.O. Principle when determining the effectiveness of a guard
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