First Rod-Type Electric Actuator - Bimba Mfg Co


After more than 50 years of pneumatic leadership, Bimba announced today the introduction of its first ever, rod-type electric actuator, the Original Line Electric (OLE).

OLE actuators are designed, built, and tested to provide the longest life, greatest durability, highest speed, and most thrust per dollar. With speeds up to 22 inches per second, strokes to 18 inches standard, and thrusts up to 350 pounds, these new actuators can address a wide range of applications. The unique modular design can be ordered with or without motors and drivers’ from Bimba, enabling engineers to use their preferred stepper or servo brand.

“This is our most exciting new product launch in more than 20 years,” said Scott Meldeau, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Bimba. “Now we can meet our customers' electric actuation needs with the same value for which they've come to rely on our pneumatic solutions, including easy configuration and ordering, on-time delivery, competitive price and superior quality.”

The OLE product line is available in 1.5, 2, and 3 inch diameters with standard options including trunion, block front, clevis, pivot, and foot mounts, reverse parallel motor mounts with rear pivot or clevis, step motors, drivers, encoders, brakes, washdown ratings, female rod threads, and switches.

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