Fixed or Portable Multi-Range Moisture Analyzers


Improved line of portable and fixed location trace moisture analyzer instrumentation can also measure higher levels of moisture near saturation with no ill effects.


DewMaster and PDM75 (shown)  moisture analyzers are now available with the recently released X3 high performance chilled mirror moisture sensor. The X3 sensor is a drift-free, primary method device with certification traceable to NIST. There is no degradation of the life or performance of the X3 sensor when operating near saturation or at very low moisture levels for long periods.


When pressure and temperature sensors are added, these analyzers display user-selectable units of measurement in:

  • degrees C or F dew/frost point temperature
  • relative humidity
  • parts per million by volume or weight
  • wet and dry bulb temperatures
  • grains per pound or kilogram
  • pressure and temperature
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