Flange Connector


FasTest announces CalMate flange connectors to provide quick, temporary calibration connections for gauges, transmitters and other devices equipped with sanitary, tri-clamp style fittings. CalMate flange connectors quickly attach to sanitary flanges in seconds and can be adjusted to work in applications with different gasket and flange thicknesses.

CalMate flange connectors are rated up to 300 psi. Three basic sizes  are available for applications from 1/2” to 2” tube sizes, and connectors are compatible with tri-clamp style flanges. Featuring stainless steel construction, CalMate flange connectors deliver safe, repeatable connections and long service life. The connectors' design also allows for closer center-to-center mounting of sanitary flanges on vessels.  Compatable with the FastCal hose connectivity solution, changing from one size connector is accomplished in seconds without the use of sealants or wrenches.

To increase calibration efficiency for applications that require numerous connections with a variety of different fitting styles and fast changes—such as testing and calibration labs—CalMate flange connectors can be mounted onto FasTest’s FasCal Manifold System. The manifold supports connections to up to four different devices at the same time, and connectors can be swapped out in just seconds.


  • quickly attach to sanitary flanges
  • can be adjusted
  • rated up to 300 psi
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