Flange Pad Adapters


MAIN Manufacturing’s Flange Pad Adapters help make your piping job easier.  A Flange Pad Adapter bolts onto a pump, motor, valve, etc. and converts the mounting pad allowing another connector to be attached.  This is useful when a replacement part has a different mounting pad from the old part.  Another common application is to allow a hose line with a flange head connection to be attached to a German or Japanese square mounting pad.  Flange Pad Adapters can increase or decrease a port size and still use standard hose and pipe connections. Rotating the pad 90 degrees can make pipe runs easier or reduce the size of manifolds.  Flange Elbows and Flange Tees rotate the pattern 90 degrees around the other axis.  Many sizes can have gauge ports.


  • Can convert all pad mounting dimensions between Code 61 and Code 62 (not max working pressure)
  • Can convert all pad sizes – increasing or reducing the size.
  • Can convert between Square patterns ( DIN, JIS, ISO 6164, and other company standards) to SAE
  • Larger sizes can be ordered with a gauge port.
  • Many inline Flange Pad Adapters are available in stock.  Also available as elbows, branch tees and run tees
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