Flat Air Nozzle


The new Silvent  9002W flat air nozzle utilizes a unique energy-efficient design that represents a completely new blowing technology. Each orifice is uniquely designed to optimize the entrainment area, generating a strong, efficient blowing force at an exceptionally low noise level. The air nozzle is made from Zytel, a high-performance engineered polymer material that enables the creation of unique and truly complex Laval orifices. These small orifices combined with the aerodynamic slots of the nozzle provide high efficiency and low noise. The new patented nozzle design allows it to meet or exceed the stringent requirements in a range of applications in the food and automotive industries, and meet OSHA safety regulations.

The Silvent 9002W air nozzle delivers a flat pattern with a working blowing force of 21.2 oz and air consumption of 17.7 scfm at a sound level of 80 dB(A). The nozzle is available with either male type 1/4" BSP or 1/4"-18 NPT threads. Maximum operating temperature is 356 °F (180 °C) and maximum operating pressure is 143.0 PSI. Blowing force ranges from 13.1 oz at 40 PSI to 34.5 oz at 120 PSI.


  • energy-efficient design
  • strong, efficient blowing force
  • blowing force of 21.2 oz
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