Flat Bed Gantry


Flat Bed Gantry provides a universal tool for instant automation applications—just mount application tooling on the Z axis and instantly create a work cell, test center, or secondary manufacturing station.


Table surface has T slots so mounting fixturing for specific or even general applications is easy. These machines have been used for applications such as feeding bugs in laboratories, spot welding and drilling in aerospace applications and testing in coin stamping applications, filling cosmetics bottles, crimping tops onto vials of medicine and so on.


These Cartesian XYZ systems are available with a variety of motor options including stepper motors, brushless servo motors, DC brush servo motors or without motors, ready for your own specific model motors. They are available with control electronics or just a mechanical system ready to use your own electronic controls.


Applications include spot welding, laser engraving, drilling, dispensing, positioning, pick & place, inspection etc.



    • 6 XY travels from 11”x13” to 48”x41”

    • 3 Z gantry clearances of 7.8", 11.8" or 19.7

    • available in XY or XYZ configurations

    • available rotary stages can make the system into a 4 or even 5-axis work station

    • motor options include stepper, brushless servo, brush servo or your own motor

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