Flat Motion Cable


Cicoil is pleased to announce the introduction of its NEW EZ-Flexx Motion Series Plus Cable for high performance motion control applications. The hybrid design incorporates both power and signal wires, all in a single flat cable package, and provides exceptional EMI/RFI suppression when continuously flexed or routed through tight spaces.

Cicoil’s One-of-a-Kind extrusion process allows 6 Power Conductors and 20 Signal Wires to be placed in a condensed, flat profile, precisely controlling the spacing of each component and overall cable shape. As compared to other Motion Cables, the EZ-Flexx concept allows for easy stripping and a significant decrease in cable prep time. The “Crystal Clear” design is also compatible with standard hand held manual and automated stripping and crimping equipment.

The EZ-Flexx Motion Series Plus cable is available in a single axis design that can be placed side-by-side for maximum flexibility. In addition, the EZ-Flexx profile allows individual cables to be grouped into space saving stacked positions for 1, 2 or 3 axes of Servo Motion.

Through the use of Cicoil’s On-Line Cable Configurator, multiple EZ-Flexx Motion Series Plus cables can be incorporated into one single profile and inner components can also be rearranged for more of a symmetric cable layout.

Standard “off-the-shelf” EZ-Flexx Motion Series Plus Cables are available for immediate delivery and cable assemblies, complete with connectors are offered in 3 foot, 6 foot and 12 foot lengths. In addition, Cicoil offers low-friction coatings, custom shape and torsion designs by request.

The highly durable outer Flexx-Sil rubber jacket is also self-healing from small punctures and will not wear, crack or deform during a lifetime of more than 10 million flexing cycles or long term exposure to vibration, water, steam, shock, sunlight, temperature extremes (-65°C to +165°C), flames, radiation, operational stress, humidity, ozone, UV light and many chemicals.

Cicoil's EZ-Flexx Motion Series Plus Cables are UL Recognized, CE Conforming, RoHS & REACH Compliant, Class 1 Clean Room Rated and are manufactured in an automated, climate controlled and debris-free environment.


  • Wire Components: 6 Power Conductors and 20 Signal Wires
  • Lengths: 3, 6, and 12-ft
  • Operating Life: 10 million flexing cycles
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