Fleet Geek for AMR Analytics


Fleet Geek, a cloud-based analytics solution, provides a holistic, data-driven view of material flow, providing Seegrid's customer base with comprehensive, actionable insights into Seegrid Palion AMR performance across their entire network of facilities. Fleet Geek tracks and illustrates material flow trends, empowering users with critical insights to optimize workflows, increase utilization, quantify the value of automation, and scale automation initiatives across the enterprise. 


Seegrid Palion AMRs work in unison among human coworkers, autonomously and safely moving billions of pounds of material each month in highly complex environments. Fleet Geek increases visibility by showing live project status views of each Seegrid Palion AMR across the company’s entire network of facilities. Dashboard views help companies ensure their entire Palion AMR fleet is running effectively across all facilities, shifts, and business applications -- meeting key performance indicators while delivering information to quantify the success of the automation investment. 



  • Track Deliveries at a Glance
  • Boost Capacity
  • Optimize Fleet Performance
  • AMR Checkup
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