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Rhino Fleet Tracking announces a new version of their mobile app to be used by customers worldwide. With the new Timeline View, this version offers iOS and Android users the ability to view, manage, and receive alerts for driver behavior all on one screen.


The launch of the app comes with many features that were unavailable in previous versions. With a goal to make tracking easier for larger fleets, Rhino Fleet Tracking implements the following features: an entirely new map view (still using Google Maps), individual trips by vehicle/device, clustering for vehicle groups, the capability to search from the device list, filtering by driver exceptions/behavior and finding device info directly from the map. Further, the awaited Line View of the map is available, where driver behavior and history is broken down per trip, every trip, with past reporting for every day the device has been installed. 


Today, customers can view and monitor their entire fleet from a mobile device. For additional dispatching and tracking capabilities, the new app allows a view of each driver and their daily timeline within a few clicks. Easily make the switch between drivers in an instant.


For almost 15 years, Rhino Fleet Tracking has used an in-house team of developers to create software tailored to the needs of customers of all sizes. With the official launch of the Rhino Fleet Tracking 4.0 mobile app, customers can manage and disburse their fleet with ease while on the go. 


The web version of this update will be available later this year with improved reporting - including speed, location, geofencing, after hours reports, service management, and much, much more.

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