Flexible Shaft Machine Performs a Variety of Machining Tasks with Interchangeable Hand Pieces


Rotomax flexible shaft machine, a unique unit with interchangeable hand pieces, allows a user the freedom to perform a wide variety of machining operations with a single machine. The Suhner Rotomax functions as an angle grinder, straight grinder, drum polisher, belt sander, tube polisher or die grinder, simply by changing the hand piece. This new machine has myriad applications in industrial steel fabrication, polishing operations, sheetmetal assembly, food processing and foodservice equipment builds, appliance manufacturing, various stainless steel fabrications including medical and more.

The Suhner Rotomax offers users a range of power from 2.0-4.7HP and features electronically-controlled speeds ranging from 500-15,000 RPM in increments of 100 RPM at the touch of a button. The combination of an industrial grade motor and solid-state electronic control ensure constant speed and torque during any application. With no gearing, the Rotomax operates very quietly. Other features include soft start, integrated braking and an LED-displayed speed gauge.


Simply by changing the hand piece, the Rotomax functions as a:

  • angle grinder
  • straight grinder
  • drum polisher
  • belt sander
  • tube polisher
  • die grinder
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