Flexible Two Component Epoxy Resin Gains Full USP Class VI Certification For The Assembly of Disposable and Reusable Medical Devices


Master Bond’s newly developed flexible two component epoxy resin system EP21LV (3/5) has obtained full USP Class VI Certification for the assembly of disposable and reusable medical devices.  This unique flexible epoxy resin compound is 100% reactive and does not contain any solvents or other volatile ingredients.  It cures readily at ambient or more quickly at moderately elevated temperatures.  The cured flexible polymer compound exhibits attractive physical strength properties, exceptional toughness and superior resistance to vibration, impact and thermal shock.  Master Bond EP21LV (3/5) polymer system has excellent chemical resistance including exposure to many sterilants and also outstanding electrical insulation characteristics.  The service temperature range extends from as low as -80°F to above 250°F.
            The Master Bond EP21LV (3/5) epoxy compound has many attractive properties for bonding, sealing and casting in the assembly of disposable and reusable medical devices.  It offers excellent bonding characteristics to metals, ceramic, glass, most polymers and elastomers.  The gap filling behavior is most attractive for sealing as well as bonding applications.  Lap shear strength of many different substrates used for the manufacture of medical devices exceeds 1400 psi with elongations in excess of 25%.  Master Bond EP21LV (3/5) epoxy polymer compound is likewise successfully employed for potting and/or encapsulating disposable and reusable medical devices requiring USP Class VI Certification.  The excellent electrical insulation characteristics, superior impact strength and retention of pertinent performance properties are particularly valuable upon prolonged exposures to adverse environmental conditions.  Additionally the cured EP21LV (3/5) epoxy features remarkably high dimensional stability and durability.
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