FlexLens Image Code Reader


SICK announces the launch of the ICR845-2L FlexLens Image Code Reader. The ICR845-2L FlexLens is a vision-based, omni-directional image code reader with exceptional reading and decoding performance of stationary and fast-moving bar codes.
It is ideal for long-range bar code reading applications in the logistics, courier/express, postal and automotive industries.

The ICR845-2L offers different C-mount lens options for reading bar codes positioned 12 inches to 2 meters away from the image code reader. These large scanning distances enable the ICR845-2L to be mounted farther from the target, ensuring the image code reader doesn’t interfere with production lines. The ICR845-2L also offers a large field of view and depth of field, providing high read rates regardless of where the bar code is positioned on the object or conveyor. In addition, live image capture and analysis capabilities via on-board Ethernet improve productivity and help users quickly troubleshoot problems.

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