FlexLoader™ Automated / Integrated VRC System


Wildeck Unveils New FlexLoader™ Automated / Integrated VRC System

Innovative VRC system designed for automation duty comes standard with Wildeck’s patented AutoSenz® Safety Control System.

In response to customer needs for a safer material lift for automation duty applications, Wildeck’s industry-leading VRC product development and marketing team has unveiled a new fully-integrated VRC system incorporating automated flush-mounted conveyors, with either a straddle or 4-post vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC), and Wildeck® Overhead Safety Gates at each level.  According to Hubert Schlegel, Director of Marketing at Wildeck, “The new FlexLoader™ VRC system turns a basic vertical lift - offered by several manufacturers, including Wildeck - into a safer, more efficient, and more automated material lifting system that seamlessly connects all levels of a work platform to make better use of the available space.”


FlexLoader™ sequence of operation:

  • Materials are inducted / loaded with a pallet jack or fork truck
  • Safety gate is manually closed
  • Load is transferred to the next level
  • Safety gate is manually opened at the receiving level to off-load the pallet

Standard control package includes:

  • Call/Send Stations at each level
  • Wildeck’s patented AutoSenz® “D-Series” overload detection system with full diagnostics and programmable service reminder

Signaling system (lights and/or alarms) is available to warn that:

  • System is in “Auto Mode”
  • System is in “Manual Mode”
  • System status
  • Errors or faults

Separate “inbound” and “outbound” lanes can be set up at each elevation to provide:

  • “C-Load” “Z-Load” or “H-Loading” Patterns.


  • All components of the system (VRC, Safety Gates, & Perimeter Guarding):


  • Are designed for Heavy Automation Duty
  • Utilize state of the art, but cost effective controls and devices
  • Are designed with Safety in mind.
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