FlexPoint 12-Series Multisensor Coordinate Measuring Machine


The FlexPoint 12-Series is part of the family of large format Multisensor Coordinate Measuring Machines. It is made for large, heavy parts with complex dimensions and tolerance; it measures volumes up to 47.2 x 118.1 x 39.4 in. (1,200 x 3,000 x 1,000 mm). The VersaFlex multisensor head is a patented sensor array that offers up to three simultaneously available sensors on one articulating head: OGP SmartProbe fully telecentric optical video probe, SP25 scanning probe, and the interferometric laser TeleStar Probe. All FlexPoint systems are powered by ZONE3, a comprehensive metrology software.


XYZ Travel

  • 47.2 x 118.1 x 39.4 in. (1,200 x 3,000 x 1,000 mm)
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