Floating Evaporator


Heavy-duty floating evaporator is engineered to handle highly corrosive water sources or water containing large particles.  The DriBoss DBE-750 Evaporator is a unique water fracturing design, driven by a powerful 25 HP industrial-grade motor.  The high-speed head features patented stainless steel fan blades that create an optimal droplet distribution for effective evaporation.  Yet the low plume height helps ensure short drift distances, making the unit well-suited to smaller areas.  The new model helps processors in a wide variety of industries eliminate wastewater quickly and cost-efficiently, even without large evaporation ponds.  In addition to water treatment facilities, the company is exploring applications in mineral processing, quarrying, gas/oil/mining, pulp/paper processing and desalination. 

 “This is a design that represents the culmination of ten years’ experience in severe outdoor and industrial environments,” observed CEO Edwin Peterson.  “The 7.5 HP submersible pump is attached to a frame that floats on polyethylene pontoons, which are filled with closed-cell urethane foam,” he explained.  “So even if a pontoon is accidentally punctured, it still delivers the buoyancy to keep the unit afloat.”Peterson went on to describe the industrial-strength construction, including UV-stabilized pontoons and a stainless steel control panel, motor enclosure and manifold for extended reliability and long service life.  

The DBE-750 can pass particles as large as 3/16" (4.7 mm) in diameter without clogging or fouling nozzles, reducing the need for pre-filtering or cleaning dirty elements.  Engineers designed the DBE-750 with a limited amount of exposed surface area to help control the build-up of debris or ice and minimize maintenance.  Motor bearings are sealed and lubricated for life.  A key component of the design is a vibration sensor that will detect an unbalanced condition, shutting down the motor and helping to protect the unit from catastrophic failure if residue and ice do build up in extreme weather.  “This equipment was developed for durability, simple maintenance and ease-of-use,” Peterson added.  “It delivers excellent evaporation rates from an energy-efficient power plant.” 

The DBE-750 comes standard with a heavy-duty electric motor for 3-phase / 480 volt / 60 cycle and 3-phase / 400 volt / 50 cycle operation.  Other motor voltages are available upon request to suit virtually any location around the world.  Available options include a protective coating for acidic or extremely alkaline water conditions, as well as a special scale-resistant coating on the fan to further reduce residue build-up on blades.  The company also offers a Sure-Flow filter option that delivers constant backflushing of the pump inlet filter media.  


  • low plume height
  • high-speed head
  • optimal droplet distribution 

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