Floor Coating Systems Provide Industrial Durability With Lower Installation Costs


Floor coating systems from UCoat It® America LLC provide a commercial-quality, durable and protective coating for concrete and wood surfaces that is applied easily without professional installation, reducing costs by as much as 75 percent.  Introduced to the automotive market a few years ago, UCoat It floor coating systems now are available to warehouse, maintenance, plant and facility managers who are seeking durable, protected and easily maintained floors for a fraction of the cost of floor coatings that require installation by specialized contractors. Customers include Tactronics, Armorstruxx, Georgia Pacific, Budco, Buell Motorcycles, MDS Ignitions, Bully Dog Technologies, Cometic, Commonwealth Electric Company and EGS Electrical Group.
"UCoat It floor coating systems are commercial-grade catalyzed epoxy floor coatings that are applied with a roller and brush to an easily prepared surface," said John Carafelly of UCoat It America LLC. "The Part C co-plastimer additive to the bond coat allows UCoat to flow and dry at the proper rate as it penetrates porous surfaces and bonds permanently to the substrate."

UCoat It floor coating systems provide a chemical-resistant surface that is lifetime-warranted against peeling, blistering and hot-tire pick-up.

UCoat It floor coating systems are packaged in kits or material-only extender packs and are available in black, white, tile red, medium blue, beige, light gray and medium gray:
• UCoat® commercial-grade epoxy floor coating is designed for do-it-yourself installation.  UCoat serves as a primer for all other UCoat It finishes or as a durable, standalone, satin-finish floor coating. Being water based, it emits no noxious odors.   
• UGloss® high-gloss urethane topcoat for non-automotive, interior floors is specially formulated for application over standard UCoat finishes. Providing a high-sheen that increases light efficiency, UGloss is a water-based clear coat for interior, non-automotive applications. If applied according to UCoat It recommendations, UGloss will retain an anti-slip surface.

• UGloss-AF® high-gloss urethane topcoat for automotive and exterior floors is solvent-based and specially formulated for application over standard UCoat finishes.  UGloss-AF is available as clear or tinted with one of seven standard UCoat It colors.  Specially formulated for use on floors that are exposed to vehicle and equipment traffic, oils and chemicals, UGloss-AF also is ultraviolet resistant for outdoor applications, such as patios and walkways.

• UFlek® and UFlek-AF® high-gloss decorative flake topcoat: A terrazzo-look decorative enhancement, UFlek is used with water-based UCoat finishes and UFlek-AF is used with solvent-based UCoat finishes.  
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