Floor Mounted Roll-Out Shelf Units for Under Pallet Racks


Floor Units are ideally suited for use under pallet racks.  Most users of pallet racks put items they use frequently on the floor under the pallet rack.  A lot of these items are hand picked.  The items in the back are very hard to reach.  With our floor mounted roll-out shelves, you can simply put the bottom pallet on the roll-out shelf.  Then you roll-out the shelf to provide easy access to the items stored under the pallet rack.  These shelves can also be used to store large, heavy, bulky items such as dies, molds, fixtures, or motors.  The shelf is rolled out and you can pick up the items with an overhead crane.  This is the reason we designed the floor mounted roll-out shelf unit.  It provides easy access to all items stored under pallet racks.  

Removable T-Handles are available which allow the user to roll-out the shelf without bending over.  

Some other available options are lips around one or more sides, inverted angles or cradling, dividers, etc.    

Manual shelves are available with widths from 24” to 96” and depths from 24” to 60” and capacities from 200 to 2,000 lbs.  Power units are also available with capacities up to 20,000 lbs.

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