Flow Racks for Subassembly Operations


Creform has designed, built, and assembled a “supermarket” flow rack for an automotive parts supplier. The repeat order is used in a subassembly area that feeds the finished product line.


The rack is used to differentiate the types of sensors for the components of the different car models that the manufacturer provides. Empty totes come in at the bottom, the associate will pick up an empty tote and place it on the slide pipe. He will then fill the tote with assembled sensors (sensor + bracket), and once the tote is full it is pushed up and over the middle support pipe. The tote will flow to the backside of the rack for the material handler to pick up (and bring more empty totes).


It contains six flow lanes across each of the three levels. Each lane features fixed lane dividers to keep containers securely in the lane. Each of the rack’s levels can be repositioned or whole flow rack customized with only simple tools while the vertical presentation face allows the levels to be easily moved up or down with the same 5-mm hex wrench.


Steeply angled containers sit on the top two rows for easy identification and ease of component placement. The flow lanes are angled for reliable container flow and presentation while guaranteeing FIFO inventory management. The flow rack pictured features 12 heavy-duty feet threaded for floor leveling capability, is 9 W x 2 D x 5 ft T, and has a maximum load capacity of 900 lb.


As with all Creform flow racks, higher capacity, sizes, and configurations are possible. A wide variety of pipe colors are available for ESD applications, and accessories can include information sheet holders, label holders, tool storage, hooks to hang tools, and other supplies. Creform flow racks are suitable for warehouse or manufacturing plant use. They are available as a kit or an assembled structure or in the component form for a complete DIY solution.

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