Fluid Dispensor Uses 5 Axes


The Programmable Tilt + Rotate 5-Axis Fluid Dispenser enables the jet to dispense using 5 axes of automated control instead of only 3 to enable dispensing from a vertical position and at varying tilt angles along all four sides of a device and up the side of a substrate or component.

The Programmable Tilt + Rotate feature enables the user to determine the height of the die stack's top layer and then dispense fluid along all four sides of the stack just below the top surface, ensuring that sufficient fluid reaches the top of the stack without overflowing over the top. Dispensing from the top down can further reduce the amount of excess fluid required with conventional vertical dispensing, thereby reducing the total wet-out distance around the die stack.


  • Dispenses up to an industry-leading ±30° with 1° resolution in either X or Y axis
  • Enables dispensing around tall substrate components
  • Allows moving the nozzle tip closer to a target location, like a vertical wall, for precision fluid dispensing
  • Improves capillary underfill for 3D IC packages by reducing wet-out distance from the die edge and ensuring sufficient underfill at the top layer of the die stack
  • Available in two versions: Single-Axis or Programmable Tilt + Rotate
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