Fluid Handling System Sourcebook 2011


For a premium selection of fluid handling equipment and supplies, consult the newly released Cole-Parmer® Fluid Handling System Sourcebook 2011.  Researchers, technicians, and engineers will find a variety of Masterflex® tubing pump systems, along with gear, metering, Ismatec®, positive displacement, and vacuum pumps in the catalog. Thermometry, flowmeters, filtration, lab consumables, mixers, heating equipment, water quality products, and more also fill the 144-page book.
The latest products featured include the new Masterflex® L/S® Precision Variable-Speed Console Drives with precise speed control and digital display of rpm, ideal for metering applications. The new Masterflex® Puri-Flex™ Pump Tubing is designed for high-purity applications that require non-DEHP and animal-derived ingredient free components. Oakton® Benchtop pH/CON 700 Meters offer conductivity and TDS autoranging, choosing the best resolution for each measurement. Users can easily toggle between pH, mV, conductivity, TDS, and temperature measurements.

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