Flux-Cored Welding Wire


Hobart Brothers offers high deposition rates with minimal cleaning and strong welder appeal for applications including earthmoving equipment, heavy fabrication, railroad cars, steel structures and storage vessels.

Designed to join mild and carbon steels, the Hobart brand FabCO TR-70 wire maintains a stable arc even with longer stick-outs and can achieve deposition rates from 7 - 25 lbs/hr for excellent productivity potential. The wirex2019;s flat bead profile and crack resistance on heavy plate and restrained joints results in strong, visually pleasing welds.

The addition of deoxidizers allows the FabCO TR-70 wire to weld through moderate amounts of mill scale, rust and other surface impurities with minimal cleaning. Easy slag removal reduces clean up time, particularly in deep groove applications.

Suitable for single- and multi-pass welding in the flat or horizontal positions with a 100 percent CO2 shielding gas, the FabCO TR-70 wire offers tensile strengths up to 87,000 psi and Charpy V-Notch values of 38 ft. lbs. at 0 degrees F. It is available in .045-, .052-, 1/16-, 5/64- and 3/32-in. diameters and can be successfully welded at a variety of current settings, which makes it flexible in a wide range of applications.
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