Foam-Side and L-Rod Spill Berms


Brady SPC foam-sided wall and L-Rod spill berms are collapsible for easy storage and rapid deployment to contain spills and leaks from tranks, drums, equipment, vehicles, and other industrial equipment.


Foam-sided wall spill berms are constructed of durable PVC and are ideal for small containment and are lightweight, portable, and easy to clean. Sizes range from 5 to 54-gal capacity.


L-Rod spill berms are made with 30-oz chemical-resistant SR5 material and are ideal for larger, more durable containment such as large containers or vehicles. Sizes span 650 to 2,695-gal capacity.


Two types available:

  • Foam sided wall—constructed of durable PVC and available in 5 to 54-gal capacities
  • L-Rod—made of 30-oz chemical-resistant XR5 material and offered in 650 to 2,695-gal capacities
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