Fold Away and Swing Arm Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems


Gorbel announces that its new Tether Track™ Fold Away and Swing Arm Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems are now immediately available. The systems are the first of Gorbel’s new standardized Tether Track™ offerings with other standard fall arrest systems available later in the year.  “The new fall arrest systems fulfill a wide range of customer applications and provide fall protection in a variety of environments,” said Jeff McNeil, Gorbel’s marketing manager. “You wouldn’t think that rigid rail fall arrest systems would be flexible, but Tether Track Systems provide outstanding coverage and mobility.”   Gorbel Tether Track™ Fall Arrest Systems can accommodate multiple workers and are available in multiple configurations, including multiple track profiles and support center distances, and make fall protection easily customizable and cost effective.  

The foundation of the Tether Track™ systems is the enclosed track, exclusively engineered for easy movement.  The enclosed track keeps dirt and dust from settling on the rolling surface, allowing the trolley to move smoothly, and remain centered directly over the worker creating a shorter fall distance and reducing the risk of swing fall injuries. Gorbel recently created a free fall protection toolkit for customers looking to learn about the basics of fall protection, OSHA and ANSI requirements, how to create a fall protection plan and the benefits of Tether Track™ Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems. Customers can download the kit here:    

 “Gorbel systems are standardized, competitively priced and have very short lead times,” continued McNeil. “Tether Track™ Fall Arrest Systems are the safest and most productive rigid rail fall arrest solution available today and all of our systems come with Gorbel’s industry-leading customer support.”The New Tether Track™ Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems feature: 

Swing Arm Systems 

  • Provide circular or semi-circular fall protection with a compact foot print
  • Versatile and adaptable, the swing arm can be positioned over the work space when needed and moved out of the way when not in use 
  • Available in Wall Mounted or Free Standing Designs
  • Accommodate single or multiple workers
  • Standard spans 8’ to 30’, with custom spans available upon request 
Fold Away Systems 
  • Deploy as needed, then fold away when done; maintaining productivity without compromising safety
  • Perfect solution for work cells requiring access to overhead cranes, when floor space is limited or when infrequent fall protection is necessary
  • Available in Wall Mounted or Free Standing Designs
  • Accommodate single or multiple workers
  • Unlimited lengths with up to 50’ between supports 
Tether Track™ systems are a reliable, cost-effective way to reduce the risk of injury in elevated work environments. Compared to wire rope systems, Gorbel’s Tether Track systems deliver: shorter free fall distances; reduced risk of secondary fall injures, such as swinging into obstacles; longer distances between support centers; and no negative impact on a second worker in the event of a fall. Tether Track systems also stop falls sooner than a wire rope system by eliminating sag, and the systems provide effective protection in low headroom applications by reducing the fall distance. 


  • enclosed track
  • easy movement
  • circular or semi-circular fall protection

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